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Need a stronger more resilient you, team or organisation?
Want an offer that impact the whole?
Want to really work to the core and be able to experience some results quickly?
Want engagement, wellbeing AND performance?

WholeMe’s mission is to help individuals, teams and organisations to sustainably serve their purpose through wholeness. Wholeness  - Mastery and Awareness of the whole Wholeness creates clarity of purpose, alignment, resilience and adaptability to change. WholeMe helps its clients achieve wholeness by aligning the emotional (heart), mental (head) and physical (core) dimensions. 

WholeMe’s approach is grounded in neuroscience, executive coaching and yoga practice, along with cutting edged thinking in organisation design.With WholeMe wellbeing and performance go hand in hand.

    WholeMe - The Philosophy and The Science

Our Clients include consulting organisations, CEOs, business owners, women talents, CEOs. They like how we make our approach relevant to who they are and get through the heart of matters.

The individuals and teams we worked with have a better clarity about how they participate to the wider purpose, improved efficiency, better self management, increased engagement and move from a victim to actor mindset. They understand how to manage moods, emotions and wellbeing.

Our services include workshops, individual and team coaching, organisational 

WholeMe coach for performance through wellbeing practices with private coaching session, team workshops, yoga classes, breath work, etc., to achieve sustainable self resilience.

We will listen and come back to you with a tailored approach and stay by your side on the journey to wholeness.

Chief Wholeness Officer

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