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Mrs Super


Mrs. Super has an amazing career. Her company loves her, she is a great manager and a real inspiration for her troupes. She has two kids but would love more. She is well organized, with a nanny and supportive in-laws. Mrs. Super created a super schedule that is eating her up and she wants to resurface to assess the situation. She is maxed out to the point of explosion.

When I was called in to support her she was back from a woman in leadership seminar and was drained. She was thinking of quitting and start freelancing.


Support Mrs. Super to find a better balance and avoid burn-out.


Every time Mrs. Super had a short deadline, rushed to a meeting / appointment, heard her children crying, her brain releases cortisone and other chemicals in her body to trigger the fight/flight/freeze evolutionary response to stressors. This used to be very helpful for survival, but today we have just too much of it too often. It creates burn out and health issues. Research tells us that with women things are even more variable as it changes with the monthly cycle (yes, we get specific).



Holistic coaching



I helped Mrs. Super and her organization by

• Identifying a career plan to support her in achieving her lifestyle, goals and stay in her role as she loved her friends from work, this made her feel secure. Her coaching sessions helped her realized that she was not ready to move on her own.

• Build a routine to create more balance.
• Skype conversations when her busy work and family schedule didn’t leave time for

coaching sessions.

• Taking her through a 7 weeks challenge to learn tips on how to rely on ‘the work life balance from inside’ a map to a new way of living.

• Creating mental space, physical wellbeing and emotional awareness.

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