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We work with people to help them align the emotional (heart), logical (head) and physical (core) to achieve wholeness and by doing so become more resilient, adaptable and able to make the best of the changes that work and life throws at us (ie new responsibilities, career change, promotion, business change, relocation, personal challenge etc.)

Most executive coaches focus on the head, life coaches the heart and personal trainers, the core. Together we learn how to align all three and bridge the gap between work and life. 

So what do you want out of life?  And how well equipped are you in your journey to achieve it?

What individuals say they gained from working with me:

  • Improved efficiency and focus

  • Better relationship with team and peers

  • Stress reduction

  • Improved moods and emotions

  • Increased wellbeing

  • Moved from victim to actor mindset

Services for individuals:

  • Coaching sessions (face to face and Skype)

  • Career transition

  • Outplacement

  • Mentoring

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